Lotus Plaza (Garden Grove Galleria) - Recorded Garden Grove City Council Meeting


Source: Google Maps: Image Date: (May 2014)

By: Chad Kim

Check out the recorded meeting of the Garden Grove City Council where they discuss the Lotus Plaza (also formerly known as Garden Grove Galleria). In the meeting, they discuss some of the plans that the likely developers Brooks Street and LAB Holdings (Developer of the popular Anaheim Packing House located in Downtown Anaheim) have in store for the still unfinished 9 story development. If they become the developers of the property, they plan on using the structure as a mixed-use development, commercial at the bottom floors and residential at the upper floors.

OC Register and Voice of OC has reported on this as well: 

Voice of OC

OC Register

Video of Garden Grove City Council Meeting (May 26, 2015):

Item on Lotus Plaza starts at: 1h 53m 37s


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