Hampton Inn Hotel Proposed in Santa Ana

Rendering of the proposed hotel. Source: City of Santa Ana
​By: Chad Kim

A six story Hampton Inn hotel is proposed on Main Street about a mile away from Santa Ana MainPlace Mall.

According to the City of Santa Ana, the applicant, Net Development Company, proposes to construct a new six story hotel at 2129 N. Main Street. The hotel would entail a total of 135 hotel rooms and 133 vehicle parking spaces. 

The proposed project site currently includes a City owned surface parking lot, two existing historic buildings, office building, three accessory structures, and a single-family dwelling. The project would require demolishing those existing buildings except for the existing historic buildings which would be reused. The historic building at 2115 N. Main Street would be re-purposed for restaurant space. The second historic building at 2056 N. Bush Street would be relocated abutting Main Street, and would be reused as a coffee shop or bar.

​There will be a community meeting where the developer will present the proposed project on March 9th from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM at 2129 N. Main Street.

Site Plan:

Source: City of Santa Ana



Note: This article was previously published on 3/2/17 via LAOCDB which is now DevelopingOC. Latest articles by DevelopingOC can be found at www.DevelopingOC.com


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