Affordable Housing Project Next to Santa Ana Train Station Well Underway

Rendering of Depot at Santiago; Source: C&C Development
Located across the street from the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center, The Depot at Santiago, a mixed-use and transit oriented development, is well under construction. 

When completed, the development will provide a total of 70 affordable apartment units along with about 8,500 sq. foot of ground floor retail. The affordable housing is for working families that have an income between 30% - 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI). The 1.35 acre project site is being developed by a partnership with C&C Development and Orange Housing Development Corporation. 

The project consists of two buildings. The first is adjacent to the intersection of Santa Ana Boulevard and Santiago Street and is the mixed use building with 21 residential units and the 8,500 sq. foot ground floor retail space. The second building will be primarily residential (49 units) along with the 3,000 sq. foot community space. 


Above rendering: looking Northeastward at Santa Ana and Santiago. Bottom: looking southeast along Santiago Street. Credit: City of Santa Ana
The architect of this project is Bassesnian Lagoni

​Photos taken: 01/21/2017

According to the OC Register, the development broke ground around August 2016 and at the time the article was published the affordable housing already had a wait list. 



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